Tuesday 2 April 2013

40 Days for Life, anti-abortion protests and their impact on women

At the end of another 40 Days for Life, we want to share some comments from women attending our clinics who have faced protestors. These comments reflect experiences with 40 Days for Life and the group Abort 67. We really hope that before protestors start their next “vigil” they consider the impact they have on women.

“I’ve felt harassed by one of the ladies asking me constantly if I was sure of my decision and offering me her help giving me her phone number. I found that like an intrusion in my private life and not making easier such a difficult decision like the one I had to make.”

“They kept staring at me and made me feel uncomfortable and upset.”

“I was very nervous about coming to my appointment and felt very intimidated by the 5 or 6 women standing on the street. Not knowing the area I did not know another route to avoid them and due to feeling extremely distressed by their presence, I turned around and went home.” This woman subsequently came for another appointment.

“She told me they could help; that I was going to hurt terribly emotionally after today and it wasn’t too late to walk away. I was running a few minutes late as I’d travelled quite far and she suggested I was late for a reason.”

“I was harassed and intimidated. I was told to read the leaflets they were trying to give out. Then they went up to my daughter and tried giving her the leaflets.”

 “I am extremely angry at the presence of the protestors. Me and my girlfriend are upset enough but have made our decision and I believe confronting people on their way into the building is sickening.”

“Please remove the protestors. It’s fine to offer a leaflet but chasing me down the street is not.” 

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