Thursday 5 September 2013

Jeremy Hunt should concern himself with real issues facing women needing abortion care, not fabricated ones.

The Crown Prosecution Service, CPS, has announced that it will not be prosecuting two doctors accused of agreeing to arrange abortions on the basis of gender and released a detailed statement explaining their decision. In response, the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said the decision was "concerning" and has demanded "urgent clarification." 

However, it is hard to see how pursuing these cases would serve any public interest, not least given that both incidents were the result of a sting operation organised by anti-abortion newspaper. In our experience, the only women requesting abortion on the basis of gender alone are undercover journalists. 

Recently collated figures by the Department of Health show the UK's gender ratio is well within the normal boundaries for a population. We would suggest that the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, who has asked for "urgent clarification" of the decision not to prosecute, concern himself with real and pressing issues facing women needing contraception and abortion care rather than fabricated ones.

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